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Zhejiang Kuo Sen Fine Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter called “KS”) is a comprehensive adhesive and sealant producer. Originated from KUO SEN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. founded in 1957, the plant is located in Tianzihu Modern Industrial Park, Anji, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. KS integrates adhesive R & D, production, sales, and technical services and has a highly qualified employees and polymer material researchers, and has a county-level R&D center, which is a patent demonstration enterprise in Huzhou City and has obtained many invention patents for various adhesives used in soft display panels both at home and abroad. The R&D center has been committed to continuous improvement of the products and development of new products.Longda®


Modified Chloroprene Adhesive

KS’smodified chloroprene rubber is the main raw material for production ofchloroprene rubber adhesive. It can be cold cured at room temperature. Due toits large initial adhesion force, quick strength, high bonding strength, and excellentcomprehensive performance, it is widely used. It can bond various materialssuch as rubber, leather, fabric, artificial leather, plastic, wood, paper,glass, ceramics, concrete, metal, etc. Fangluo® modified chloroprene rubberadhesive is also known as "versatile adhesive". It has become animportant variety with the largest production, the widest applications, and thebest effect among rubber adhesives.

EpoxyandModified Resin Adhesive

KS’s modified epoxy products have good bondingstrength to aluminum,PVC,TPU, etc., high temperature resistance, coldand hot shock resistance, and high elasticity in addition to their resistanceto acid and alkali and solvent, good mechanical performance and high bondingstrength. They are widely used in the fields of electronic encapsulation, railtransit, building and home decoration, national defense and aviation.

Polyurethane Adhesive

The hydrogen bonds between KS’spolyurethane adhesive and the bonded material enhance the molecular cohesion, resultingin stronger bonding. Fangluo® polyurethane adhesive has good toughness,adjustability, simple bonding process, excellent low temperature resistance,and excellent stability and is suitable for bonding of porous materials, such as foamed plastics, wood,leather, fabric, paper, ceramics, etc.

Acrylate Adhesive

KS’sacrylic adhesive is widely used for bonding of steel, iron, aluminum, titanium,stainless steel, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. It is suitable formanufacturing, installation and repair of automobiles, motorcycles,electromechanical engineering, chemical pipelines, handicrafts, and householdappliances. It has the characteristics of fast curing rate, low odor, highbonding strength, good impact resistance, and good flexibility, and can bond awide range of substrates.

Industrial application
Electronics, electrical appliances

It is used for bonding and encapsulation of electronic components available in metals and hard plastics, etc., and temporary connection of frame adhesive for flexible display panel and flexible substrate. It can meet the application requirements of transparency, flame retardancy, conductivity, and thermal conductivity.

It is used for bonding of automotive interiors (roof, side door panels, foot mats, trunk covers), ship repair, bonding of ship decks, and carriage flooring.
Home decoration, furniture

It is used for bonding of office furniture veneer, wood, leather, and sofa foam, waterproofing,tile laying, and wall-ground interface treatment.

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